Our Goal

is to create UNFOLD, a cloud­based platform that will allow talents and companies to connect, based on their purpose and culture. UNFOLD creates Cultural Maps to bring back matches between talents and organisations that matter, by combining mobile social engagement with professional skills.



Use your data to unfold relevant companies and connections around you. Enjoy full Integration of smart APIs that are already part of your life.


Be discovered by young talents that identify with your dreams and culture. Enhance your local presence and share with talents what you are looking for.


Communicate directly with participants and enjoy full Twitter integration. Create pools, see and share statistics instantly. Increase engagement and long term success of your event.



Unfold your Cultural Map to match networks, organisations, circles and events. Learn about companies through getting to know the nature of their teams. Drive your career with the “life­work” balance you choose.


Transform your organisational structure into a unique company culture. Connect with your next generation of talents. Increase your value as employer, bringing your Cultural Map to life. Enjoy awareness by showing the world how your teams develop amazing things.

Business Development

For trainers and coaches: enable people to succeed. Connect with professionals to support them with your expertise. Engage with the relevant community and partners whenever there is need.


We believe that for great talents to flourish, education with purpose and passion needs to be encouraged. Therefore, we as UNFOLD Talent Engagement are creating DreamMaker, the social platform powered by UNFOLD. DreamMaker connects professionals and companies with young aspiring talents.

Local People

Connect easily with schools, colleges and universities locally close to you.


Support education and inspire future talents. Share your inspiration, professional experience and DIY tools.


Stimulate Key Academic Fields to be developed by future generations. Help young talents find out what they would like to do next.


Our team is based in Berlin, Germany. We are committed to not only set an example for innovation, but also for positive change in the global economy and society while being a pioneer of the digital age. We are introducing the world to the new age of talent engagement.